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October 3, 2019 Venice Greaves

Find out what Soups restaurants to try in Mission including English Tarts, Loco Blue Cafe, Little Saigon, Bear Country Bakery, Beethaicuisine
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1. English Tarts

33134 1st Ave, Mission, British Columbia V2V 1G4 Canada Cafe, British, Soups, Canadian Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 604-289-2253
Overall Ratings

4 based on 105 reviews

English Tarts

Reviewed By lchambers007

The ladies at English Tarts run a great establishment. Their pumpkin pie is fabulous. The place is comforting and the service is fantastix

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2. Loco Blue Cafe

32618 Logan Ave Unit # 5, Mission, British Columbia V2V 6G3 Canada Canadian, Soups, Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 604-289-1772
Overall Ratings

4 based on 28 reviews

Loco Blue Cafe

Reviewed By staishacemm

I used to LOVE this place! It is a small, local business in the heart of Mission. I am SUPER disappointed to say that it has been losing its "personal" feel. Although I was a regular there, brought friends and family there and always had good things to say about them, I never felt like my business was appreciated. They used to always have a vegetarian soup every day they were open. I used to get a bowl of it every time I would go there on top of my eggs benny breakfast. Then they decided to get rid of bowls and do only cups so more people could get the soup... This doesn't make any sense to me especially as a business. If you want more people to get soup, and your constantly selling out of soup, make more soup? Odd thinking but fair enough. I just got the cup instead and they just didn't make as much money on my order. Weeks went by and things started to get worse and worse. The last time I was in there was the final straw. We went in for our usual breakfast but there was no vegetarian soup ready. We asked when and they said 1:30 pm it would be ready.. They close at 2:30... Odd. We ended up having breakfast and telling them we would be back after 1:30 when the soup was ready. When we came back as we planned, we were not greatly politely. I would assume any other business would be pleased that we were not only spending breakfast there but now giving them our lunch business as well. Instead, we got snotty remarks and crappy soup. The soup tasted like pure cream. No flavor. Worst soup he has ever made. We didnt even complain and we even tipped. Big disappoint when the wonderful small business starts to lose their charm.

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3. Little Saigon

322-32555 London Ave, Mission, British Columbia V2V 6M7 Canada Vietnamese, Asian, Soups Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Table Service +1 604-820-8746
Overall Ratings

4 based on 43 reviews

Little Saigon

Reviewed By Terry M

This little eatery is tucked away at the eastern end of the Mission Junction Shopping Centre. It boasts a small but attentive staff and a fair selection of dishes to try. On our first visit, I was not impressed with the meal that was served. For someone who was expecting a spicy meal, it seemed quite bland. However, on a re-visit, I tried the Tom Yum and it was excellent; so much so that went back and ordered it again - and it was as good as on the previous visit. My wife has enjoyed most of the meals that she has ordered and it is usually fairly busy at lunchtime so finding a table may be a challenge.

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4. Bear Country Bakery

32423 Lougheed Hwy, Mission, British Columbia V2V 7B8 Canada Dutch, Cafe, European, Canadian, Soups Breakfast, Lunch +1 604-410-2253
Bear Country Bakery

Reviewed By seand546

Great breakfast or lunch spot with sweet treats or fresh baked breads to take home after. Soup and sandwich of the day is only $8.99 and made fresh to order. Nice stop if you’re getting tired of Timmy’s across the road and want to support a local business!

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5. Beethaicuisine

33261 1st Ave, Mission, British Columbia V2V 1G7 Canada Asian, Thai, Diner, Healthy, Soups +1 604-287-6867

Reviewed By JeVet

We visited on a Friday night - and they were busy! I can see why. Food is super tasty, fresh, and decent sized portions. We didn't wait exceptionally long, which was great considering how busy they were, not only with a full restaurant, but with take-out orders as well.We have been more than once, and is on our list of restaurants to return to.

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