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September 12, 2021 Etsuko Causey

Reviews on Seafood food in Qingzhen, Guizhou, China including Lao Kai Li SuanTang Yu (ShengFu), Liu YiShou TeSe KaoYu (QingYun Road), KFC (Fu Shui)
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1. Lao Kai Li SuanTang Yu (ShengFu)

ShengFu Road 55, Guiyang China Chinese, Seafood +86 851 584 3665

Reviewed By thesmdm

Dined here with friends, had quiet table in the corner, so not noisy and easy to talk amongst friends. We had an assortment of meat in the hot pot plus lots of vegetables. Beef was very good. Price mid range.

Top 10 Chinese food in Qingzhen, Guizhou, China

2. Liu YiShou TeSe KaoYu (QingYun Road)

QingYun Road 44, Guiyang China Seafood, Barbecue +86 851 866 1588
Liu YiShou TeSe KaoYu (QingYun Road)

Reviewed By JPWONG

Be there twice in the second week of May. Both times were for late dinner around 9 pm local time with my wife and mother-in-law, and on both occasions, it was crowded with mostly locals. First time, we had the Roasted/Grilled fish only. We had to pick the type of fish and the weight first. We picked the cheapest type of fish, and it weighted about 3 Jin (3.3 lbs.) My wife and MiL loves fish, but I am very picky about fish. I do not like to pick the tiny bones out of the fish, and I absolutely hate the strong fishy taste. Me and my wife loves spicy food but not my MiL. So my wife ordered the famous MaLa (Numbing and Spicy) Roasted fish with mild. Well, most dishes in GuiYand are spicy even if you order something that is not supposed to be. To my surprise, the dish was full of favor with pepper, something similar to satay, but the heat was actually mild which my MiL could accepted. As for the fish itself, it was absented of tiny bones which I loved so much. The dish was served on a baking tray and put on top of a stand filled with hot charcoal to keep the sauce bubbling. The dish included the fish we selected (I just assumed that because after we picked the weight, the butcher just gutted a live fish in front of us and then dumped it in a sink full of other sizes/types of gutted fishes.) which is deep fired and marinated with pepper and other herbs, assortment of vegetables like cilantro, onion, broccoli, radish, cucumber, lotus root, edible tree fungus, and rice cake soaked in the MaLa sauce. I ate a lot because it did not have any fishy taste that I hated. It cost us about 20 US dollar. Second time, we ordered the same dish with the same type of fish and weighted about 4.5 lbs. Lots of fish for the three of us, but the fish was having a bit more tiny bones this time. My wife was curious as of whether we were having the same type of fish compared to last time (Remember the sink full of gutted fishes?) Anyway, the taste was still great. We ordered a dish of vegetable and the "Golden corn with egg yolk," and it was just yellow corn stir-fired and covered in salty egg yolk which tasted great. The check was only for 25 US dollar. Tips: 1) It is a street vendor, so cleanliness of the establishment may be a concern. It is no worst or no better than most of the street vendors in China. But the food are cooked thoroughly. As for the glass, bowl and the chopstick, you may want to clean it up by using the hot tea. Remember to always carry tissue and hand sanitizer.2) My wife speaks Mandarin. She was the one placing the orders both times. So, I am not entirely sure what is the English proficiency level of the staffs there. You may want to talk to the staffs first before you sit down.

3. KFC (Fu Shui)

FuShui North Road 1, Guiyang China Seafood, Fast Food +86 851 821 7513

Reviewed By Taka510


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