Best Seafood food near Gonohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

January 22, 2022 Randal Brittian

Find out what Seafood restaurants to try in Gonohe-machi including Ikameshiya Horin, Shichirimmura, Yoshidaya, Hasshoku Ichibazushi, Azumazushi
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1. Ikameshiya Horin

1-1 Tateda, Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture Seafood +81 178-70-2712
Overall Ratings

3 based on 37 reviews

Ikameshiya Horin

Reviewed By DYA717

This is a restaurant at the train station specializing in seafood. The restaurant name means squid (calamari) restaurant. Great place for a meal. The service is excellent, lots of choices, and if you need help, they have a great window display.

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2. Shichirimmura

22-2 Kawaragi Kansai, Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Grill Breakfast, Lunch +81 178-29-4451
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews


Reviewed By LongerVogue

Not only the tourists, local people also visit this market. There are various big seafood. The scallop is bigger than babe face. The clam is larger than fist. The oyster is longer than forearm. The tiger prawn is longer than foot.Vendors are polite and pro. The seller helped to clean the clam and open the oyster. As dinners, we just need to find a place and BBQ. Table fee is 350 yen per person which is more expensive than tore tore.One of the most happiness moment is to watch the seafood sizzling on the BBQ pit. Dinners don’t need any rice, the seafood can feed us full. The price is competitive. I’ll visit it often if Singapore have such a wonderful seafood market.

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3. Yoshidaya

1-2-1 Ichibancho, Hachinohe 039-1102 Aomori Prefecture Seafood Dinner +81 178-27-4554

Reviewed By QuiteTheNovelty

I believe that I came to this restaurant with my mother and her cousin, and my mom's cousin ordered a bag of fried food (chicken? fish?) to take home, and... AND... the owner of the restaurant gave us some other things that I don't recall exactly. It should be understood that I am not very familiar with the Japanese countryside and things went by in we shall say a blur. Thus, the food was average but the service was excellent!

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4. Hasshoku Ichibazushi

22-2 Kawaragi Kansai, Hachinohe 039-1161 Aomori Prefecture Sushi, Japanese, Seafood Lunch +81 178-21-1844
Overall Ratings

3 based on 43 reviews

Hasshoku Ichibazushi

Reviewed By braybrigade

A bit pricier than my usual sushi spots, but certainly fresher as well. An English menu is available, and the belt was fully stocked when I went mid-afternoon. The total adds up pretty quickly when the good stuff is ¥400+ a plate - but it’s worth a splurge! The scallops were especially tasty.

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5. Azumazushi

26 Bakuromachi, Gonohe-machi, Sannohe-gun 039-1558 Aomori Prefecture Sushi, Japanese, Seafood +81 178-62-3352

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