Best Japanese food near Yura-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

September 10, 2021 Merry Kessler

Best Japanese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Japanese food in Yura-cho. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Japanese restaurants near you. including Okawa, Miyoshi, Kadoya Shokudo, Tsukasa, Yatsufusa, Kappo Misaki, Umihiko, Kawatsune, Tonkatsu Ichiban, Yu
Things to do in Yura-cho

10. Yu

3007 Yuasa, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun Wakayama Prefecture Japanese Dinner +81 737-63-6455

Reviewed By Katharina G

On our trip through Wakayama we arrive late in Yuasa. Searching for a dinner place we stopped her because a lot of steam came out of the kitchen. It was a very good decision: the food was marvellous and the umeshu delicious too. Hidden gem! Certainly recommended.

9. Tonkatsu Ichiban

50-1 Yukawacho Komatsubara, Gobo 644-0012 Wakayama Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 738-24-0170
Tonkatsu Ichiban

Reviewed By oranger03


8. Kawatsune

813-4 Takara Yukawacho, Gobo Wakayama Prefecture Japanese +81 738-22-5450

Reviewed By SASABARA


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7. Umihiko

1128 Yuasa, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun Wakayama Prefecture Japanese, Seafood Lunch, Dinner +81 737-63-4728

Reviewed By SeahCS

The service was friendly and prompt. While there is no English menu, there are photos to refer to. We had the raw seafood on rice (kaisen don), it was excellent! The prawn was huge and succulent, and there are many types of fish. The seafood were fresh. Drizzling some local Yuasa soya sauce on top of the fish and rice draws out the flavour of the dish.This is a mom and pop eating house located in a residential area, it is not a fancy restaurant. It is well visited by local residents. Please sit at the counter and enjoy watching the chef at work!

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6. Kappo Misaki

673 Hii, Hidaka-cho, Hidaka-gun Wakayama Prefecture Japanese, Kappo +81 738-64-2975
Kappo Misaki

Reviewed By oranger03


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5. Yatsufusa

38-6 Yukawachomaruyama, Gobo 644-0013 Wakayama Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi Dinner +81 738-22-7793

Reviewed By Seaside809648


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4. Tsukasa

420-3 Oaza Hiro, Hirogawa-cho, Arida-gun Wakayama Prefecture Japanese +81 737-63-5624

Reviewed By 301taichou


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3. Kadoya Shokudo

1109-1 Yuasa, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun 643-0004 Wakayama Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Parking Available +81 737-62-2667
Overall Ratings

4 based on 19 reviews

Kadoya Shokudo

Reviewed By ramm74

Really worth visiting and they have very knowledge able guide to take tourists through not just the history of Soy but also the commercial reality of its inception

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2. Miyoshi

63 Sato, Yura-cho, Hidaka-gun 649-1111 Wakayama Prefecture Sushi, Japanese, Seafood +81 738-65-1096

Reviewed By crystalace


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1. Okawa

252-27 Fukei, Yura-cho, Hidaka-gun Wakayama Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 738-65-2172

Reviewed By AyaA3173


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