Best Japanese food near Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

June 14, 2021 Cedrick Jardin

Discover Restaurants offering the best Japanese food in Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido, Japan including Mansaku, Hamacho, Hana Shichiyo, Tontontei, Kamihoroso Restaurant Kamihoro, Daiichi Shokudo, Hi no Tori, Suzuki Fukutaro, Okonomiyaki Monjayaki Fujiden, Yakitori Kobo Nikumaru
Things to do in Kamifurano-cho

10. Yakitori Kobo Nikumaru

1-2-1 Omachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0561 Hokkaido Japanese +81 167-45-3456
Yakitori Kobo Nikumaru

Reviewed By ongwl82016

We drove more than 20km for half an hour from Furano looking for the recommended Yakiniku restaurant which turned out to be closed for business. With much disappointment we drove around and ended at Yakitori Kobo Nikumaru which was reasonably rated in Google Map with a 4.1 stars. Our disappointment was replaced by delightful experience when we had a wonderful dinner here with friendly waitress and Chef who served delicious Yakitori at a very reasonable prices. We got our orders through and had exactly what we wished for although we communicated with some difficulties as they could barely speak any English. Neither could we speak any Japanese. We truly valued such experience in a foreign country, trying our best to communicate with local and be able to enjoy a nice dinner.

9. Okonomiyaki Monjayaki Fujiden

1-2-9 Nishikimachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0542 Hokkaido Japanese +81 167-45-2957
Okonomiyaki Monjayaki Fujiden

Reviewed By Ryan G

I have been eating only ramen or cutlet for the past few days so this is really something new for me. Good place with nice atmosphere, they do serve alcohol but is family friendly (They got kids celebrating birthday over there). Don't speak Japanese? Just use google translate, should get you what you want or just ask for recommendations.

8. Suzuki Fukutaro

4-69-77 Miyamachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0552 Hokkaido Japanese, Brew Pub, Barbecue, Sushi, Pub +81 167-45-5727
Suzuki Fukutaro

We will hospitally cook vegetables, meat and fish from Hokkaido. Especially Kamifurano pork is famous and confident in pork dishes! Please make a good memory of our trip with our spare ribs and pig skewers, shabu-shabu.

7. Hi no Tori

2-4-25 Nishikicho, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0452 Hokkaido Japanese Dinner +81 167-45-9821

Reviewed By EijieijiEiji


6. Daiichi Shokudo

1-4-4 Nakamachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0543 Hokkaido Japanese, International +81 167-45-2153
Daiichi Shokudo

Reviewed By GenjiG

A nice little restaurant with a very energetic lady owner. Great to see how much fun you can have with Google Translate. The food was standard Japanese fare and they have an English menu. No smoking in the restaurant so that is a real plus. Recommended.

5. Kamihoroso Restaurant Kamihoro

Tokachi-Dake Onsen, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0579 Hokkaido Japanese +81 167-45-2970
Kamihoroso Restaurant Kamihoro

Reviewed By Exploration807216


4. Tontontei

5 Omachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0561 Hokkaido Japanese Lunch +81 167-45-2917

Reviewed By Noo N

Small local restaurant but surprisingly delicious and good taste. All menu very "OISHI". Open 11.00-14.30 and 117.00-20.00

3. Hana Shichiyo

11 Nishi Senkita No. 34, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0511 Hokkaido Japanese Lunch Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available [email protected] +81 167-45-2292
Hana Shichiyo

It is along the road of the rollercoaster in Kamifurano. In the premises there is a cafe restaurant · dry flower and sundries shop, dog run. At the cafe restaurant, we serve creative Japanese lunches and tarts and cakes of wheat from Hokkaido. You can din

Reviewed By Amanda H

Cafe/Dried Flowers/Locally grown foods/ Home Made Cakes/ Dog Run / Cottages to rent - THIS is actually the Furano that we all hope to see when we visit this area.Sadly, in summer it is hard to find with all the bus crowds and business of lavender/melons and blue pond.But this is an oasis. At the end of the rollercoaster road, tucked behind a high hedge it's a large house with cottage garden and a dry flower and interior goods shop, then cafe area and terrace.The food is simple lunch boxes, cakes and tarts and some interesting drinks such as plum juice, honey and lemon.Call ahead to reserve the "Hana Lunch" - a plate lunch of rice and in-season veggies, fish or meat, tofu, dessert - the menus changes daily, depending on what is growing local. Served on Japanese ceramics.Y1,300 a person.There is some English on the menu .The owner escaped Osaka to find a better life - and we enjoyed escaping the madness of a Furano tourism season summer Saturday into this special place.Nice.

2. Hamacho

1-4-10 Nishikimachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0542 Hokkaido Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 167-45-2265

Reviewed By Mimimiu

We came here by chance walking around the town looking for some dinner. Owners were friendly and welcoming, and though they hardly spoke any english, tried their best to make some recommendations on what to eat. The food was great, and "home cooked". The tempura and soba were outstanding. We enjoyed ourselves so much we came back the next day, much to the delight of the owners. Restaurant is quiet (first day we were the only ones inside) but that was good for us as we wanted to relax after long days of walking around. Please come here if you want to try some excellent traditional japanese food, especially soba and tempura!

1. Mansaku

2-1 Nishimachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0546 Hokkaido Japanese Lunch Reservations, Parking Available +81 167-45-6523
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Reviewed By mileinna

Came here cos my mom have a hankering for soba noodles. She had the duck while my dad had the pork hot noodles. It was really delicious in comparison to typical Chinese noodles soup..I had just cold soba though it came simple but I can't stop just enjoy the simplicity. Good suggestion from Google map.

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