Best Italian food near Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

August 31, 2019 Randal Brittian

Discover Restaurants offering the best Italian food in Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Inagi (稲城市, Inagi-shi) is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. As of 1 February 2016, the city had an estimated population of 87,927, and a population density of 4890 persons per km². Its total area is 17.97 square kilometres (17,970,000 m).
Things to do in Inagi

7. Tamai

2-3-7 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu, Kawasaki 213-0001 Kanagawa Prefecture Italian, Chinese, American, Asian, Korean Dinner Reservations +81 44-856-5113
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews


Reviewed By kurichanchan

炭火鶏焼屋 たまい、武蔵溝ノ口にある焼き鳥居酒屋です。本当に安いんです。アルコールも普通より安いし、ちょっとの料理で長いができるのがちょっと嬉しいかな。店はきれいではないです。カウンターでもゆっくり出来ました。

Top 10 Things to do in Inagi, Japan

6. Restaurant Filly

1-5-1 Fuchucho Hotel Continental 1F, Fuchu 183-0055 Tokyo Prefecture Italian, French, Chinese Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating +81 42-333-7127
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews

Restaurant Filly

restaurant located in Hotel Continental Fuchu, offering authentic French / Italian and Chinese cuisine.

Reviewed By PeterCRTW

Came to stay here at Fuchu Continental Hotel , and used their restaurant Filly because I was too lazy to go out.The food was really good and the service was nice too, but it was a little bit pricy but acceptable though ! The hotel is quite close to the horse race, so if you like to gamble, you can stay here !I would definitely come back here again.

Top 10 Asian food in Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

5. Restaurant Bonjorina Mitakadai

2-14-25 Mure, Mitaka Tokyo Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner +81 422-24-8875
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

Restaurant Bonjorina Mitakadai

Reviewed By ToruO


Best Steakhouse food near Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

4. Porta Montare

Noborito, Tama, Kawasaki 214-0014 Kanagawa Prefecture Italian Dinner Reservations +81 44-933-9845
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews

Porta Montare

Reviewed By HK_Phoey

My wife and I live in Seijo but often when in Noborito we said we should try there. Well last night we did. Friday night the place was very busy when we arrived at 7.30pm. We had to wait nearly an hour for a table. Note to self make reservation next time. Food is excellent. We shared a cheese fondue for two. Followed by pizza each. As I said all the food was great. We had 5 beers between and the bill was less than ¥8000 so good value to. Will definitely go back but will make reservation next time.

Top 10 Japanese food in Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

3. Dino

5-11-3 Minamikarasuma, Setagaya 157-0062 Tokyo Prefecture Italian Reservations +81 3-5384-3339

Reviewed By Luigi_Fino

I knew the owner-chef from his "apprenticeship" at a more known venue and praise the fact that he opened his own place, of course smaller. On the day we visited, we were way over closing time, so this perhaps was the reason for some overpriced pizza that was a bit heavy. It must be noticed however that compared to real Italian pizza masters (such as Dino), I expected something better, but considering that this is Japan, this pizza is certainly very good, so this review should be read within context. You should try this nice place by any means if you're nearby. I'll probably visit again to check why he charged more than average for lunch and if the pizza is not up to high standard at that time, I'll tell him. For this one, Dino gets a pass.

Most Popular International food in Inagi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

2. We Are The Farm Shibuya

1-28-11 Shoto Pigeon Shoto Takada Building 1F, Shibuya 150-0046 Tokyo Prefecture Italian, Deli, Grill, Healthy Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Buffet, Wine and Beer +81 3-6416-0724
We Are The Farm Shibuya

Natural food restaurant talking about in Shibuya! Stylish and fashionable space Organic vegetables raised in your own farm, you can eat delicious vegetables really There is also sticking meat dishes

Reviewed By VeroniqueDenHaag

When you leave the busy street of Shibuya, you will find this vegetabel loving restaurant. Don’t be afraid if you love meat. They’ve got something for every taste and it is delicious! We had to wait half an hour, as we didn’t have a reservation, but it was worth the wait! The staff is very hospital and they show a lot of empathy. The cherry on the pie is the desert: go for the sweet potaty ice cream!

Tokyo Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 8 Chinese food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Inagi

1. Daikanyama ASO Celeste Futagotamagawa

3-17-1 Tamagawa Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C New South Blg 11F, Setagaya 158-8502 Tokyo Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Accepts Credit Cards [email protected] +81 3-5797-3380
Overall Ratings

4 based on 79 reviews

Daikanyama ASO Celeste Futagotamagawa

“Celeste” means “of the sky” or “of heaven”, and as the name suggests, the dining room has beautiful views of Futako-Tamagawa. By day, this pleasant space is filled with warm sunlight; by night, the sweeping view of the city lights adds glamour to any spe

Reviewed By 175ryusukem

I had Italian dinner with my wife. We both ordered Cena-B dinner course menu (Starter/Pasta/Maindish/Desert/with Amuse, Coffee, Biscotti" and Non-alcoholic cocktails, "Blu" for me and "Bianco " for my wife, "King Ruby Melon and Parma Prosiutto Ham" for me and "Smoked Salmon and Semoule Salad with Ikra, Tomato Puree and Basil Sauce" for my wife as our starters, "Tagliolini with Matsutske Mushroom, Shrimp and Sudachi" for me and "Spaghetti Peperoncino with Cuttlefish and Celery, Shirasu, Basil Flavor" for my wife as our pastas, "Kuroge-Wagyu Round Steak" for me and "Grilled Fish, with Corn Puree and Balsamic Vinegar, Caponata" for my wife as our main dishes, and "Macedonia (Four Kinds of Grapes) and Panna Cotta with Lemongrass Flavored Sorbet" and Coffee for me and "Peach Roll Cake and Compote, with Yogurt Gelato" and Tea for my wife as our desserts. A bit expensive and dish's names are too long, but delicious as well as beautifully presented. You might want to make a reservation to ensure your window-side table.

Where to eat Grill food in Inagi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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