Best International food near Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

July 2, 2021 Tynisha Seiler

Discover Restaurants offering the best International food in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan including Kushi Jin Main Store, Meshidoki, Uogishi, Shirasagi, K'sgarden, Katsuo Service Area (Outbound) Restaurant, Tsuruya Katsumata, Papato Mama, Komoto Shokudo, Gusto Tsuyama Interchange

10. Gusto Tsuyama Interchange

966-1 Kawanabe, Tsuyama 708-0842 Okayama Prefecture International Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Parking Available, Family style, Non-smoking restaurants +81 868-21-8670
Gusto Tsuyama Interchange

Reviewed By Jack S

With a huge, delicious burger and an unlimited drink bar, what is there not to love about Gusto Burger? It's a great place to hang out with your friends or sit by yourself, reading or studying Japanese. The prices are reasonable and drink bar tickets are mana from heaven in a country that usually doesn't offer free refills. I spent many, many a night in this place doing work, studying, or just hanging out. Lots of good memories here. The burger is one of the better burgers I've ever had. There's something in the spices that helps make it incredible.

9. Komoto Shokudo

1453-1 Nino Higashi, Tsuyama Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-36-6245

Reviewed By red_cabin_5mmg

あなたがもしも、津山で店を探してるとするなら私はこの店を一番に行くことをおススメします。何を食べても美味いw それに安いw 注文してから出てくるのが早いw 食後のコーヒー込みの価格です。 僕はオムライスとかつ丼と焼きそば、とんかつ定食と・・・・ おススメばかりです 笑定休日は水木。夕方7時には閉店するので遅くても6時半までに入店してあげてください。とにかく美味いです。安いです。満足します。

8. Papato Mama

1214 Taira, Sho-cho, Katsuta-gun Okayama Prefecture International, Fusion +81 868-38-1188

Reviewed By Mura2406


7. Tsuruya Katsumata

607-1 Katsumada, Sho-cho, Katsuta-gun 709-4316 Okayama Prefecture International +81 868-38-5662

Reviewed By Mura2406


6. Katsuo Service Area (Outbound) Restaurant

381 Katsumata, Sho-cho, Katsuta-gun Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-38-3103
Overall Ratings

3 based on 15 reviews

Katsuo Service Area (Outbound) Restaurant

Reviewed By setoh-traveler


Okayama Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 5 Asian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Mimasaka

5. K'sgarden

444 Yunogo, Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture International, Fusion Lunch, Dinner +81 868-72-7770

Reviewed By Navigate810273


Best Seafood food near Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

4. Shirasagi

860-10 Yunogo, Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-72-2894

Reviewed By qoo9


Where to eat Chinese food in Mimasaka: The Best Restaurants and Bars

3. Uogishi

1612-10 Furumachi, Mimasaka 707-0412 Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-78-2908

Reviewed By Explore808835


Top 4 Fusion food in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

2. Meshidoki

100-4 Kurotsuchi, Sho-cho, Katsuta-gun 709-4312 Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-35-3719

Reviewed By Mura2406


Top 10 Japanese food in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

1. Kushi Jin Main Store

178-5 Yunogo, Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture Japanese, International +81 868-72-1994

Reviewed By jstyt

the food is good, the singing is good. Look out for Tatsumax, the singing chef. from beatles, to his own creation, he will belt out songs with his guitar. Its amazing his head chef lets him do it whilst he washes up but it brings lots of live to the restaurant. haha

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