Best International food near Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture, Japan

April 8, 2021 Janean Rudisill

Find out what International restaurants to try in Kitaakita including Kogumatei, Odaiko No Sato Bussankan, Shiki Bikan Restaurant Kataribe, Kokoro, Kempoku Club, Takeda Shokudo, Yamanaka Shokudo, Taishu Shokudo, Entotsu, Raitei

10. Raitei

79 Yamadate Aza Hadachi, Odate 017-0838 Akita Prefecture Japanese, International +81 186-43-3360

Reviewed By AK520


9. Entotsu

29 Osugi, Etsuri, Odate 017-0837 Akita Prefecture International +81 186-49-4249

Reviewed By iamkozue

They are known for savory hamburg steaks. You can choose from Shoyu-based Japanese or white sauce, I think. You get to choose your portion as well. The interior reminds me of the good old Showa era in "western" style. Just try to find the signature chimney ("entotsu").

8. Taishu Shokudo

Shimo Ogita Ogita Hinaicho, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese, International +81 186-55-0243

Reviewed By kazuhi-w


7. Yamanaka Shokudo

17 Ogita Aza Nakaogita Hinaimachi, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese, International +81 186-55-0442

Reviewed By AK520


6. Takeda Shokudo

23 Shimoogita, Ogita Aza, Hinaimachi, Odate 018-5701 Akita Prefecture Japanese, International +81 186-55-0156

Reviewed By AK520


5. Kempoku Club

31-2 Tsuzuriko Tanaka, Kitaakita Akita Prefecture International +81 186-62-9790

4. Kokoro

5-24 Sumiyoshicho, Kitaakita Akita Prefecture Japanese, International +81 186-62-9926

Reviewed By hosakin


3. Shiki Bikan Restaurant Kataribe

3-1 Animaeda Omichiue, Kitaakita Akita Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch +81 186-75-3939
Shiki Bikan Restaurant Kataribe

Reviewed By tomizuta1953

It may have been because it was a Sunday, but we really struggled to find a restaurant for lunch. There was a restaurant at Aniai Station but they didn’t serve local food which we wanted. We had to travel further north out of the mountain area to finally find this restaurant serving local food. The restaurant is in a tourist service facility with tourist information, gift shop and other facilities. The restaurant is quite spacious. We took a seat by the window. I had a pork ginger with pork from nearby Hachimantai, and my wife chicken and egg rice bowl (oyakodon) with Akita Prefecture's popular Hinai chicken. Both were highly recommendable.

2. Odaiko No Sato Bussankan

62-1 Ozutsumi Michishita Tsuzureko, Kitaakita Akita Prefecture International +81 186-63-2233
Odaiko No Sato Bussankan

Reviewed By AntarcticBound

This is a museum called Odaiko no Yakata (Big Drum House Museum), but in any case it was a surprise to find it when we stopped for a rest stop at Takanosu. It has the largest drum made. It is 3.8 meters across and weighs 3 tons. Since the drum’s lining is made of cow hide, I am thinking the cow that was used for the drum most have been the largest in the world too! At the Odaiko Hall there is more than just the world’s largest drum. There are drums from over 40 countries on display, most of which you are allowed to play. It is fun to hear the sounds and see the different designs of all the instruments. Well worth a stop-off if passing through to Towada.

1. Kogumatei

119-4 Shimoshimmachi Aniginzan, Kitaakita 018-4613 Akita Prefecture International +81 186-82-3666

Reviewed By kazuhi-w


Top 10 Japanese food in Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture, Japan

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