Best Indonesian food near Heerhugowaard, North Holland Province, The Netherlands

October 4, 2019 Stefan Strunk

Reviews on Indonesian food in Heerhugowaard, North Holland Province, The Netherlands. Heerhugowaard is a municipality and a city in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland and the region of West-Frisia.
Things to do in Heerhugowaard

1. Toko Tante Annie

Middenweg 227b, 1701 GB Heerhugowaard The Netherlands Asian, Indonesian Reservations +31 72 743 9389
Toko Tante Annie

Reviewed By martinreiziger001

Op de ‘nieuwe’ locatie is het allemaal net iets beter. Leuk kleine winkel erbij met typisch Indonesische ingrediënten voor lekkere doe het zelf. De kaart is goed genoeg keuze rekening gehouden met de kleintjes onder ons. Samenstellen van menu of combinaties is goed. Niet alles is even pittig gekruid ook erg fijn. Aanrader blijft toch de redang. Op dinsdag speciale roti avond ook erg lekker. Wees wel op tijd anders is de keuze iets minder.

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2. Kippie

Middenwaard 39 Winkelcentrum Middenwaard, 1703 SC Heerhugowaard The Netherlands Dutch, Fast Food, Barbecue, European, Asian, Grill, Indonesian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +31 72 571 0950

Kippie Heerhugowaard vind je in winkelcentrum Middenwaard. Kom langs voor allerlei specialiteiten op het gebied van grill- en maaltijdproducten of probeer onze lekkere broodjes.

Reviewed By wendylE9488ZU

We halen hier vaak een kippiepan. Zeker wanneer we veel vrienden op bezoek krijgen. Maar ook de maaltijden zijn erg lekker

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3. Chinees-Indisch Restaurant China Garden

Dorpsstraat 133 Broek op Langedijk, 1721 BE Broek op Langedijk The Netherlands Chinese, Indonesian, Asian Dinner Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +31 226 315 781
Chinees-Indisch Restaurant China Garden

Reviewed By David-Judith

After enjoying a wonderfully creative meal with friends, my wife and I went back a second time. We were staying at a B and B in the area and wanted something unique, and this restaurant provided it each time. The menu is varied, including more than the usual Chinese fare. There is also Indonesian and dishes we don't associate with China. All is beautifully prepared and presented. The service is great and there is a good choices of wines and beers.

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4. Deli Indonesian Restaurant

Mient 8, 1811 NC Alkmaar The Netherlands Indonesian Dinner, Lunch Outdoor Seating, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Digital Payments, Cash Only, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Seating +31 72 515 4082
Overall Ratings

4 based on 136 reviews

Deli Indonesian Restaurant

Reviewed By Wattalita

We had international guests and wanted to impress them with something they have never tried out, Indonesian cuisine. We have made a reservation during the afternoon. Upon arrival my first notice was that inside was smelling like food and quite strongly indeed. My clothes went straight into the washing machine afterwards. We were welcomed warmly and were given some wine suggestions. Then there was a switch of our serving assistant. We have ordered a bottle of white wine, "... Grillo" from Sicily. At that point we had still not received the menu card. Wine was served and we were hungry and wanted to have from the "world famous Indonesian: Rice table". Then we were disappointed: our waiter gave us the menu and explained that there was some sort of an electricity failure etc. etc. and that we could order only but from the specialties' page and that we could not have any of the tasting options. I was feeling quite upset and furious, but decided not to show it because of our friends. Nevertheless I still found it quite unprofessional and felt like I have been tricked or trapped to stay there. I personally have not been to Deli restaurant prior to that evening. I was not their "repeated and happy customer whom you may inform even later about your menu restrictions and so on". They should have informed us upon arrival and not after we have opened a bottle of wine and got ready to order. That feeling of being trapped was absolutely unpleasant and later when I felt better I have shared my feelings with the rest, who have also felt the same way. That being said, we have had a lovely dinner. The food was tasty. The table was full of small side dishes and we could taste each others main courses too. It was fun and our friends were happy with the choice. About the dishes: we had spicy chicken with ginger and so on, the other chicken with the coconut milk, a pork dish and the first on the menu beef dish cooked in a special Indonesian way. The latter was claimed to be quite spicy, since I have asked for a suggestion for a spicy dish. The beef was more salty and sweet than spicy, but it was delicious nonetheless. The pork I found a little too dry. The chicken dishes were very nice. Frankly said it was a tasty dinner overall. Side dishes were all really nice. About the service: very nice and friendly staff, but quite a beginner on a professional level. Young staff should always be trained in an orderly fashion how to approach and treat customers and evade complicated situations. Wine knowledge is a must, especially when your wine card consists of a single page. Honestly said, this review could be a way different if only we were given the right to CHOOSE to stay or go. Details matter and when your main courses cost above 20euro each and you have no linen napkins but a paper ones and when your staff does not comply with the standards, tasty food alone will not make it even.

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