Best Indian food near Akola, Maharashtra, India

February 19, 2020 Leonarda Pillsbury

Discover Restaurants offering the best Indian food in Akola, Maharashtra, India. Akola is called the Cotton City; it is the largest cotton-producing district in India. The city is also known for the vibrant Varhadi language. The city of Akola is located in the north central part of Maharashtra state, western India, on the banks of Morna River and it is an important district in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State. Although not much of a tourist destination, it still is an important historical, cultural, political, agricultural and industrial city. The place is a prominent road and rail junction in the Tapti River valley; which is a commercial trading center chiefly in cotton. This is a city in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is the 3rd largest city in Vidarbha after Nagpur and Amravati, situated about 290 miles (580 km) east of the state capital Mumbai and 140 miles (250 km) west of the second capital Nagpur. Akola is the administrative headquarters of Akola District located in Amravati Division. Akola city is governed by Akola Municipal Corporation.

10. Anand Restaurant

Next to Railway Station, Akola India Indian +91 98231 70909

Reviewed By barrkat

A small non descript, non fancy place. Decent price of just 100/- for unlimited vegetarian Gujarati style Food served on tables or sitting down on stool as per your preference. Simple fair, non oily, homely cooking. Quick service, uninterrupted supply, eat as much as you can. A place to have simple meal traditional way. They also have a sweet shop that you can order dessert after your Lunch/Dinner. For me it was quite a break from heavy, oily, spicy restaurant food during work travel.

9. Paratha house

Jathar Road, Akola India Indian +91 98224 64284
Paratha house

Reviewed By KennyChristian

This place has large menu but the food is not that good to taste.Their specility parathas are too.oily and.will upset the stomach.Do mind the water served here.Staff is poorly dressed and.they use same dirty cloth to clean tables and glasses both! Totally avoidable place

8. Fresh Flavour Restaurant

Mangrulpir Road Alsi Plot, Akola 444001 India Indian +91 75887 60054
Fresh Flavour Restaurant

Reviewed By drganapathibhat

This is slightly outside the main city, opposite the central jail. But is very popular among young couples and families alike. Crowded in the evenings.There is a small vehicle parking of sorts. Inside, there is a longish verandah, which is non-AC, mainly meant for couples with limited seating. Rates here is less.There is a large AC hall inside which caters to families. Comfortable sitting , posh ambience. Well, there are varieties to choose from when it comes to snacks, dishes, shakes and so on. Rates higher than in the non AC oneTaste is really good. Especially, first timers will relish. But the biggest drawback is the service---there is only one server for the hall. Waiting can be excruciating. The only server is reasonable, courteous and friendly but at times he is in a hurry and disappears before taking the order.Otherwise, a fine place. Outsiders may try out this place once.

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7. Rathi Pedewala

Holly Cross Convent Road Kedia Plot, Akola 444005 India Chinese, Indian [email protected] +91 724 245 0049
Rathi Pedewala

Reviewed By drganapathibhat

Sometimes name and appearance can be deceptive. Ditto with Rathi Pedewala. Its not a sweet shop alone though the name is synonymous with sweets in Akola.Tucked in a corner, overshadowed by Centre Plaza hotel on a crowded street opposite Maruthi showroom. Parking on the road. The restaurant is on the first floor.A hall with good and comfortable seating. Clean and All types of snacks and serious food. They serve south Indian like dosa in the evenings too. This restaurant was known for its famous ' thali' meals before. Now, they don't exist.Taste is good, though salt was on the lesser side in puri bhaji. The dahi wada was superb. Service is polite and rates OK. Can try the delicious sweets on the ground floor.

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6. Nasik Pahunchaar Restaurant

Sinnar shirdi road, Sinnar India Indian +91 88886 42625
Nasik Pahunchaar Restaurant

Reviewed By rekharadera

While returning from Shirdi, you can also see small stalls of guavas, grapes and oinions on the way. White onions are a must-buy but please check and buy. There are sugarcane stalls as well which is also yummy!!Pahunchaar restaurant is on Sinnar-Shirdi Road, Wavi, Tal Sinnar. Though it was a newly opened restuarnat when we had been in March 2013, the owner was really good. You will be surprised to see the ceiling fan hanging and broken when you enter and the ambience is not too good. But I personally like the non-veg here. We had ordered Chicken fry and Chicken Kadai which were very tasty! Veg Pitla was also good. Owner name is Pradeep and Ramesh. I look forward again to visit this restaurant in future. Regards,

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5. Zaika Family Restaurant

Plot # 50, Ashwin Nagar, Mumbai Nasik Highway, Along Service Road, Igatpuri 422403 India Indian, Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Seating, Table Service +91 77961 55501
Zaika Family Restaurant

Reviewed By Mainaaya

This restaurant situated on ground floor of Hotel Comfort Inn which serves only vegetarian food. We tried it for dinner. Due to Holi most of their staff were in leave hence only selected food were available from their menu. We order paper dosa. The dosa was not crispy at all & don't know whether do understand what paper stand for or not.Aloo paratha from tandoor was average, excessively chilli was used. will regret if you dine here for sure.

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4. Courtyard by Jasnagra

Near Railway Station, Akola 444001 India Indian, Fast Food Breakfast, Dinner Seating, Table Service +91 88882 28866
Courtyard by Jasnagra

Reviewed By KennyChristian

Nice cozy but dingy restaurant below the parent hotel Jasna e aagra.More than gentleman really.made my day.Listened to Gurubani.on Tv while.having.sumptous.breakfast.Paneer sabji was the best it up with even.more.yummier BAJRA UPMA.Tea is good and freshly.brewed.By far the OK place to eat.Staff is good and at ready commands of the elder sikh owner

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3. Prabhu Ka Dhaba

Nh3, Igatpuri 422403 India Indian +91 98505 70376
Prabhu Ka Dhaba

Reviewed By richas727

If you are on the way back from Nashik/Igatpuri and crave for authentic Maharashtrian food then this is the place to stop by. If you show interest in local food, the server will help you with n number of things to try.

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2. Dawat Restaurant

Near Jasnagara Courtyard Railway Station Road Ramdas Peth, Akola 444001 India Indian, Arabic +91 85520 60888
Dawat Restaurant

Best restaurant in akoa fine dine veg & nonveg a/c restaurant , family restaurant , cozy place with best food

Reviewed By drganapathibhat

If you want a good non veg restaurant in Akola with delicious taste and nice ambience, then Dawat is the place.Very near to the Railway Station, beside the Jasnagra hotel. It serves both veg and non veg. Chicken items and biriyani are its specialities. Parothas are great.Ask for spicy or non spicy, according to preference. The service is super quick and courteous. Ambience is great. Vast hall with comfortable seating.Go before 10.30 pm, parcel facilities are also available. Rates are not sky high, but manageable.

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1. Ratan Executive

Lenyadri Road Opposite to Kondajibaba Ashram, Junnar 410502 India Indian, Chinese Dinner, Lunch, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Table Service +91 83808 83736
Overall Ratings

4 based on 18 reviews

Ratan Executive

Reviewed By Sandesh B

Excellent hotel of Junnar. Interior is more like business hotels. Spacious rooms, Big bathrooms, LCD Tv's, Ample parking space. Close to Shivneri Fort. ST stand is also nearby. Market is also in vicinity. Good options available for breakfast & food in hotel. Very much clean hotel Loved to stay here. staff is very good.

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