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April 25, 2020 Yuk Petri

Find out what Fast Food restaurants to try in Rainier. Rainier is a city in Columbia County, Oregon, United States. The city's population was 1,895 at the 2010 census. Rainier is on the south bank of the Columbia River across from Kelso and Longview, Washington.
Things to do in Rainier

1. Taco Time

837 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview, WA 98632-4010 Mexican, Fast Food Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 360-636-3440
Taco Time

Reviewed By handymanron

Anytime a $ 5.00 beef burrito is so small that it would take MORE than two of them to even come close to filling me up, it is far and away over priced. My wife's $ 7.00 salad was small in comparison to other restaurants, both fast-food and sit down. The dressing was supposed to have a lime flavor to it, but you couldn't tell by tasting it.All I can say is that this place serves mediocre quality food and has very high prices. And don't count on any of the staff to offer to help you in any if you bring a shortcoming to their attention Unless they gave you the WRONG food, they are not allowed to do anything about it to make the customer happy. The manager today didn't even know how many locations they have in their company. I'm sorry but, unless it is adding new stores almost every day, by the time a person gets promoted to manager, they should know how many stores there are in the chain.

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2. Jimmy John's

1208 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632-4078 Fast Food +1 360-578-9000

Reviewed By VJD505

Stopped by for lunch and grabbed a couple of sandwiches. As always, JJ's doesn't disappoint. This location is quite large compared to others I've visited in other states. It's really clean and the decor is similar if not exactly like every other location. The only thing different about this place is that the music was blaring on this particular visit...these kids were jammin' but I must admit, it was uncomfortably loud and this is not just coming from an old fogey. Otherwise, all was great!

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3. Panera Bread

207 Three Rivers Rd, Kelso, WA 98626 American, Cafe, Healthy, Soups, Fast Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating [email protected] +1 360-846-2660
Overall Ratings

4 based on 19 reviews

Panera Bread

From focusing on quality, clean ingredients to serving our food to you in a warm and welcoming environment, Panera Bread is committed to being an ally to our guests. That means crafting a menu of soups, salads and sandwiches that we are proud to feed our

Reviewed By Jeri W

This was our first visit to the Panera Bread. We were pleasantly surprised not only with the food but also with all the conveniences of ordering. You can order online, at a soon coming kiosk for fast service or the old-fashioned way -- at the counter.This location is set up perfectly. There are even bins for folks to come in and pick up their to-go or orders before arrival. Everything is clean and super neat.I ordered the steak and arugula sandwich and was so impressed with the fresh meat. It was a perfect sandwich. Along with it I had the summer corn chowder. It was good but have to admit I've had better.I'm sure we'll be visiting this place again.

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4. Taco Time

240 Kelso Dr, Kelso, WA 98626-3112 Mexican, Fast Food Dinner, Lunch Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating +1 360-577-1004
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews

Taco Time

Reviewed By Saintsman68

We go to both locations, Kelso and the Longview location! Always great fresh food and great service! Yes you do pay a little more than Taco Bell but better quality food and service is better! And they have remodeled both locations!

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