Best Fast Food food near Iligan, Lanao del Norte Province, Philippines

October 4, 2019 Major Galusha

Discover Restaurants offering the best Fast Food food in Iligan, Lanao del Norte Province, Philippines. Iligan, officially the City of Iligan, (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Iligan; Filipino: Lungsod ng Iligan), or referred to as Iligan City, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 342,618 people.
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10. Chowking

Elena Tower Building, G/F, National Highway, Iligan, Mindanao 66QV+JM Philippines Filipino, Fast Food, Asian +63 63 221 9548

9. Jollibee

Corner National Highway and Caturay Street, Iligan, Mindanao Philippines Filipino, Fast Food, Asian

Telephone + 63 63 223 0579.

Reviewed By BobnewyorkUSA

As a first time visitor to Philippines and a tropical climate, I was advised to visit a " travel Doctor " prior to my visit. I recieved a folder with info sheets and brochures about food and drink consumption in The Philippines. After reading these precautions it almost sounded as if I would have to bring my own food with me ! I decided that unless I could find some kind of " Fail Safe " place to eat, I would not go.One of the earliest internet pictures I had seen of Iligan City was of a fast food franchise " Jollibee " on Tibanga Highway. After spending many hours of websearching and research I knew I had found my " Fail Safe " source of food ! Jollibee is the largest fast food franchise in The Philippines and has been in business over 30 years. The founder of Jollibee studied the fast food business in the USA for 2 years. They have adopted strict and very high standards in the handling, preparation and serving of all of their products. The majority of those working for Jollibee are college educated, even the front line staff that you see behind the counter. It is in my opinion after visiting many Jollibee locations, their locations not only meet, but excede the standards I have experienced in any USA fast food franchise I have been to ! Jollibee, Tibanga was one of the places that initially attracted my attention to Iligan City. A nice variety of food items on the menu are well prepared and attractively served. When I inquired to the Manager if " Tap Water " was used in any preparation or in any beverages served I was informed they have their own in-house water purification system and I was invited to look at their latest water analysis documents if I so desired.I have visited this location many times while in Iligan City and have always found it to be exceptionally clean and orderly and very well staffed. Even at peak times with lines at each counter position the wait was not long at all. All of the staff was most courteous and polite at all times. Tables, chairs and other fixtures were very clean and well maintained. There is a uniformed security guard at the entrance to welcome you.In the Philippines you will find wide variations in the Rest Room facilities in public places. Jollibee without a doubt maintains the best Rest Room facilities I have seen in any location of its kind. Very clean, paper for the toilet, soap and hot and cold water at the sink for washing of hands and a working electric hand drier. Everything in the Rest Rooms appeared in good working order and well maintained. You will not find facilities like this in every public establishemnt you may visit in Philippines.Jollibee even offers delivery to your hotel or other place of accomodation.There are many fine dining experiences to be had when visiting Iligan City although it is Jollibee, Tibanga that will always remain my favorite and most memorable. My congradulations to the management and staff ! I'll be Back !There are 3 Jollibee locations in Iligan City, Jollibee Main ( Downtown Iligan ) , Jollibee Tibanga and the newest Jollibee Gaisano at the Gaisano Mall in Iligan. Would you go half way around the world for a Hamburger at Jollibee, Tibanga, Iligan City ? I Did !

8. Pizza

Macapagal Avenue Robinsons Place, Iligan, Mindanao 9200 Philippines Chinese, Filipino, Fast Food, Asian +63 917 723 9117

Reviewed By Kizomama K

Take a Pizza as snack before going to an adjacent movie house.The place is located on the third floor of Robinson's Plaza.Halal Pizza.Good place, clean and tidy.

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7. Pizzarella

Permites Rd. San Miguel, Iligan, Mindanao 9200 Philippines Pizza, Fast Food [email protected] +63 917 368 1007

Reviewed By lovettejam

Pizza is awesome. If you're craving pizza and too hungry, maybe you can call ahead to order. At peak hours, the wait can be up to 45 min. After school hours, this place tend to be very busy, crowded, and noisy. Pizza is great though. :)

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6. Max's Restaurant

Tubod Noria Road Robinson Place, Iligan, Mindanao 9200 Philippines Chinese, Filipino, Fast Food, Asian +63 933 810 8305
Max's Restaurant

Reviewed By Kizomama K

We ordered plates of rice, Salmon and Max branded chicken.We are happy to have a Max in Iligan City.In the early 70s, We eat in Max Banawe, Max Ever- Recto and sometimes in Max- Ermita ( attended by musicians or singers).

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5. McDonald's

Ground Floor, Gaisano Mall Roxas Avenue, Iligan, Mindanao Philippines Fast Food, American Breakfast Wheelchair Accessible

Telephone + 63 2 221 6236.

Reviewed By PDMBOSS

The service is very good and the staff are friendly and very pretty. Pretty much the only reason I have lunch there. The food is typical chain style and rarely wavers from its business model. One good or bad point it is always busy and it can be difficult to find a seat. Best time to go is a ramadam time.

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4. Pater Al-Kuwait

Pedro Permites Road #2 Eltanal Apartment, Iligan, Mindanao 9200 Philippines Filipino, Fast Food, Asian +63 917 701 1309
Pater Al-Kuwait

Reviewed By Ticienti

You get a meal for less than P50! Famous amongst students in the neighboring area so we had to try it too. Pater a Maranao comfort food wrapped in banana leaf is complete with rice and topping that is best paired with palapa, a spicy condiment (far right on the pic). Best eaten with your hands - mix the topping together with the rice, get some palapa with ever bite. It may look like there’s not enough topping but its really packed with flavor. This on the photo is the chicken variant, I liked it more than the tuna one. Will definitely eat there again :)

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3. Chowking

Ground Floor, Elena Towers National Highway, Tibanga, Iligan, Mindanao Philippines Chinese, Filipino, Fast Food

Reviewed By PDMBOSS

Much has improved at this fast food service joint. Menu changes have made choosing your food much more enjoyable. The service is good and responsive. The food quality is very good considering it is fast food. Overall a safe and enjoyable place to eat at any time.

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2. Chowking

Ground Floor, Gaisano Citi Super Mall, Iligan, Mindanao Philippines Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Fast Food Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Reviewed By Isaac v

We ordered our food and also ordered two large Halo Halo desserts. What makes the halo halo special is the mixture of many treats, like jelly, purple ice cream, kidney beans, leche flan, palm nuts and crushed ice. (can't recall all the ingredients) It gives it an intersting taste. This dessert made me full. Chowking and most of the restaurants in Gaisano mall are always full, my tip is to have a friend order the meal, while you find a table, where the people are almost finished eating, and wait till they are done. I call it the restaurant version of musical chairs :) The food is not expensive and good value for your buck.

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1. Kuya J Restaurant

Macapagal Avenue Robinsons Place Iligan, Iligan, Mindanao 9200 Philippines Fast Food Reservations
Kuya J Restaurant

Reviewed By GrayCaumeran

One of the new restaurant in Iligan which came along with the new Robinsons Place Iligan. The interior of the restaurant was good and the crew were accommodating and friendly. You should try their Crispy Pata because it taste so great. We used BPI ePrepaid Card as the payment but I guess they also accept other cards. If you plan to go there for lunch it is best to be their around 11AM-11:30AM because it has less costumer and your food will be just in time for lunch.

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