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January 12, 2020 Moriah Teneyck

Reviews on Fast Food food in Hermiston, Oregon, United States. Hermiston is a city in Umatilla County, Oregon, United States. Its population of 17,985 makes it the largest city in Eastern Oregon. Hermiston is the largest, and fastest-growing, city in the Hermiston-Pendleton Micropolitan Statistical Area, the eighth largest Core Based Statistical Area in Oregon with a combined population of 87,062 at the 2010 census. Hermiston sits near the junction of I-82 and I-84, and is 7 miles south of the Columbia River, Lake Wallula, and the McNary Dam. The Hermiston area has become a transportation and logistics hub due to the proximity of the I-82 and I-84 interchange, and central location between the major Pacific Northwest metropolitan areas. The city is also known for its watermelons, which are part of its branding.
Things to do in Hermiston

1. Subway

818 S Highway 395, Hermiston, OR 97838-2621 Deli, Fast Food Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 541-564-0000

Reviewed By Notreallypleased1

Have you ever been in a restaurant bathroom and are washing your hands when out of the locked room comes an employee who rushes out and goes straight back on the serving line making your Subway? You follow her out so you know she hasn't washed her hands any place else. Now, I have probably eaten worse and not known it but when you know it you get a little upset. I haven't been back. Hope that employee is no longer there and maybe mgmt. Could give some advice on washing up.

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2. U.S.A. Subs and Grill

159 W Hermiston Ave, Hermiston, OR 97838-1711 Cafe, Fast Food +1 541-567-2260

Reviewed By 2NW_Travelers

If you live in Hermiston, You probably already know about U.S.A. Subs. They've been in business for over 25 years. They really do have the best Subsandwiches. It's only a block away from the main Highway through town, so if you're passing through you wont get lost. They have every kind of sub and they don't skimp on the toppings. They are always fast but give yourself just a minute or two more at noon, as they are usually swamped with customers, and they do have limited seating.They have cold subs, Hot subs and hamburgers,

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3. Subway

1350 N 1st St, Hermiston, OR 97838-1102 Fast Food +1 541-564-0300

Reviewed By Notreallypleased1

It seems the meat on the sandwiches gets a bit short changed compared to other Subway's. I know there is suppose to be a standard on portion servings and tossing out all bread cooked from the previous night, etc. by the franchise contract; however, not all Subway's honor all of their rules and less meat means more money in their pocket. Most Subway's seem to serve 2 more slices of meat than this location.

Most Popular Bar food in Hermiston, Oregon, United States

4. A&W Restaurant

77522 Hermiston Highway, Hermiston, OR 97838 Fast Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +1 541-564-6969
Overall Ratings

2 based on 11 reviews

A&W Restaurant

Reviewed By neenersmom

Please don't eat here. I paid $8.39 for three chicken strips. I ordered a Chicken strip COMBO. I souped it up for an extra $1.40 thinking I'd be getting fries as well. When my order came guess what no fries. I went and asked if my fries were forgotten. Nope. They told me that because I added soup (chili) that I don't get fries. Isn't that a substitution? Shouldn't I get both since im paying for everything? Will not eat here again. Deceptive pricing.

Top 10 American food in Hermiston, Oregon, United States

5. KooKoo Chicken & Teriyaki

425 NW 11th St, Hermiston, OR 97838-1451 American, Fast Food +1 541-567-2276

Spicy fried chicken, teriyaki and rice meals, and hot deli

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