Best European food near Lempaala, Pirkanmaa, Finland

August 30, 2019 Claudia Navarrete

Find out what European restaurants to try in Lempaala including Linkosuo Ideapark, Ravintola Villa Hakkari, Subway Ideapark, Vaihmalan Hovi, Martina, Kartanokahvila Kahveli
Things to do in Lempaala

6. Kartanokahvila Kahveli

Tampereentie 272, Suite number, intersection, plaza, square, Lempaala 37560 Finland European [email protected] +358 44 0505081

Kartanokahvila Kahveli is a vegan frienly cafe located at the historical Kulju Estate. Kahveli specializes in gluten free waffles and locally roasted, organic fair trade coffee. Kahveli serves cakes and pies baked on premises, with vegan choice always ava

5. Martina

Ideaparkinkatu 4, Lempaala 37570 Finland European +358 3 5832730598

Reviewed By Hulaus

I knew this was going to be a bad one. "Martina" is a chain of quasi-Italian restaurants, so quasi in fact that the waiter mentioned to us that "today we have an Italian theme menu". After that chilling proclamation, things spiralled steadily downward. We had antipasti and primis, and pretty much everything was absolutely worthless. It was a true accomplishment that this place did not manage to live up to our low expectations.Well, it was a busy shopping day, so we only needed some fuel.Oh, there was squashed food on the floor. When we mentioned, the waiter cheerfully admitted that she had seen it some time ago.

4. Vaihmalan Hovi

Vaihmalantie 144, Lempaala 37500 Finland European, Scandinavian [email protected] +358 20 7661810
Overall Ratings

3 based on 24 reviews

Vaihmalan Hovi

Our kitchen prepares lovely Finnish dishes, made with local ingredients. Our own bakery provides us with fresh bread, artesan ice cream, as well as beautiful pastries. We serve lunch from monday to friday, and sundays. Our beautiful terasse welcomes you t

Reviewed By lottasyv

Went here to eat with friends. The pizzas were really delicious, but quite expensive. It costed us over 70€ with three pizzas, two beers and one coke. I was also bit dissapointed that on the best time for mushrooms, they used canned ones, instead of fresh picked ones. What we were watching to the other tables, the foods came to diners on different times, one girl needed to wait for hers ten minutes, after everyone else on her table got theirs. Before we left, the waiters put the loud dishwasher on, which is in the dining area for some weird reason...Like said, food was good, but not sure will ever go back, because of the prices and slow service. I just don't think the experience is worth the money.

3. Subway Ideapark

Ideaparkinkatu 4, Lempaala 37570 Finland European Dinner +358 44 5293555
Subway Ideapark

Reviewed By Eija R

Located in Ideapark main square, this Subway has enough employees to keep the queue moving quickly. Menu the same as in all the Subway restaurants.

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2. Ravintola Villa Hakkari

Kuokkalantie 5, Lempaala 37550 Finland European +358 10 3253091
Overall Ratings

4 based on 18 reviews

Ravintola Villa Hakkari

Reviewed By pepics

Great atmosphere in a 200 year old villa, friendly and welcoming staff, excellent traditional Christmas food - this combination leaves you nourished both physically and mentally. All this for an unbeatable price! Wait no more, proceed with the booking, you can't go wrong!

Where to Eat in Lempaala: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Linkosuo Ideapark

Ideaparkinkatu 4, Lempaala 37500 Finland Cafe, European, Soups +358 20 7702482
Linkosuo Ideapark

Reviewed By ulko7t7

Their cakes & sandwiches looked great, and the pulled pork sandwich I had didn't disappoint.Nice cappuccino, coffee was fine.

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