Best Croatian food near Delnice, Croatia

November 25, 2020 Esmeralda Fenner

Discover Restaurants offering the best Croatian food in Delnice, Croatia including Bistro Tron, Restoran Risnjak, Pansion Lovacki, Restaurant Eva, Pizzeria Furman

1. Bistro Tron

Supilova 45, Delnice 51300 Croatia Pizza, Croatian, European, Central European Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Drinks, Breakfast Reservations, Seating, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Table Service [email protected] +385 99 592 5050
Overall Ratings

4 based on 63 reviews

Bistro Tron

Bistro Tron was open on October 8th. 2010 Delnicama, Supilova 45 owned by Rober Beljan. It is located in a beautiful location close to the park, ice rinks and all other attractive places. We offer you a rich assortment of domestic food and drinks as well

Reviewed By Mogeltoft

Bistro Tron is set in a cozy garden (almost like a German Bier Garten) serving local specialities and pizzas. A very nice place to eat your dinner during the hot summer months - if you don’t mind people around you smoking.We ordered two different types of pizza. My wife wanted the pizza with tuna and got - well, please take a look at the enclosed picture (something with salami and bacon).I thought my Devil’s Pizza would come with two kinds of sausage and prosciutto and hot chili peppers - but there was only one kind of sausage, prosciutto and 1 jalapeno.The pizzas were not bad - quite good actually, and quite cheap. But of course we’d been happier if we had had the pizzas we ordered.Our waitress was a sweetheart, though, so never mind.Dear Mogeltoft, we sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding about the wrong pizza.I would say the waitress probably heard Tron as this is the name of the pizza you ended up with.Thank you so much for the kind words about our staff.I hope you will come back to us if you have the chance.Kind regards Robert Owner of Tron bistro

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2. Restoran Risnjak

Lujzinska Cesta 36, Delnice 51300 Croatia International, European, Croatian +385 51 508 160
Overall Ratings

4 based on 8 reviews

Restoran Risnjak

Reviewed By sandrom359

visited recently twice,outside seating is nice,the interior is interesting and more cozy.we had baby goat with potatoes,very good,then steak with raspberries,then pork with berries,then also stuffed chicken kebabs.bean salad,green salad.all tasted good.service was friendly and fairly quick.the wine was a bit warm,but ice was provided.

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3. Pansion Lovacki

Japlenski Vrh, Delnice 51300 Croatia European, Croatian +385 51 812 440
Pansion Lovacki

Reviewed By CoisDeZweed

We came across this place when we were hiking in the forest. We had a nice meal here (goulash) and enjoyed the view over Delnice from the terrace. The food was good and the lady that served us was very friendly and spoke good English.

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4. Restaurant Eva

Gorski Raj 4, Lokve 51300 Croatia European, Croatian, Barbecue, Grill Dinner Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Reservations +385 51 270 500
Overall Ratings

4 based on 25 reviews

Restaurant Eva

Reviewed By ferdo123

At the way home from seaside we decided to stop somewhere in Gorski kotar looking for some lower temperature. All the way it was 32 C degrees. At restaurant Eva a summer breeze was a real refreshment though temp was still around 28 C. You can seat in a shade with view to Lokve lake. I can only confirm food excellence from other reviews and value for money. After some liqueurs we chose Eva goulash (venison, wild berries and mushrooms) and veal. Desserts were great - strudel with blueberries and other with wild berries. Waitress was very kind. The total price for two was 289 HRK / 40 EUR. Definitely we'll come back.

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5. Pizzeria Furman

Vrata 51322 Croatia European, Croatian, Pizza Dinner Table Service, Seating +385 51 835 610
Overall Ratings

4 based on 19 reviews

Pizzeria Furman

Reviewed By Adriasea

Visited place for the first time, and served like we are regular costumers. Staff is great, fast and polite. The food is excellent. We took a pizza and a "marenda" menu which for that day was meal with sour cabbage, beans and sausage and it was great. For dessert we took apple strudel, home made and delicious!!!! Next tim we come Vrata we know our dinner destination!

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