Best Chinese food near Yinchuan, Ningxia, China

April 24, 2020 Randal Brittian

Best Chinese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Chinese food in Yinchuan. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Chinese restaurants near you.. Yinchuan is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, and historically it was the former capital of the Western Xia Empire of the Tanguts. It has an area of 4,467 km (1,725 sq mi) and a total population of 1.99 million. Its built up area is home to 1,290,170 inhabitants spread on three urban districts. The name of the city literally means "silver river".
Things to do in Yinchuan

10. JinSha ShengTai Yuan

Zheng Yuan BeiJie YanShenDuan NingXia YuanYi ChanYe BoLan Nei, Yinchuan China Chinese

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9. Niu San Ge Huang He Nian Yu Mei Shi Lou

JinFeng District Yin Jia Qu Road, Hu Cheng Garden 1 Building, Yinchuan China Chinese, Xinjiang

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8. Chuan RenBai Wei

JinFeng District Zheng Yuan North Street 22, JinFeng WanDa Plaza 3 Floor, Yinchuan China Chinese +86 951 510 8328

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7. Baisui Fish Restaurant

2/F, Tower C, Shiji Jinhua Shopping Mall, No.380 Beijing Middle Road, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan China Chinese, Seafood +86 951 513 2210

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I visited with my Chinese family recently and as always when in Yinchuan I was suspicious of what I was about to encounter.This time I was very impressed. The fish is brought to you alive in a closed container and can confirm or ask for bigger smaller. The final dish was near perfect, aside from some bones that remain but much less than the other restaurants I have been to in China. The taste was with just the right amount of spice. Very well done.The restaurant is well decorated, not tacky or bling like some. Just right.Highly recommended.

6. XianHe Lou

XingQing District ZhongShan South Street 98, Yinchuan China Chinese, Xinjiang +86 951 601 7542

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5. TongXin Chun

FuNing Jie 269Hao, Yinchuan China Chinese, Xinjiang +86 951 412 2991

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來銀川之前就在研究吃什麼好吃的,看了各種推薦,都說有三家的手抓羊肉做得特別不錯,其中評價最好的就是他家了,靠譜的老店。於是來了。 。 。進門就感覺清真飯店果然很乾淨衛生,服務員也溫柔安靜,要了必點的手抓羊肉,果然不是所望,可以說非常好吃吧,完全不腥,肉質鮮嫩,也不肥膩,蘸著他們的醋料和辣椒油,簡直太美味了,大盤雞真心是那種肉質緊實的土雞,價格也特別實惠,每道菜分量都很足,人均不到一百塊,能吃很撐了!超級實在又良心的好館子!

4. Yuan Yuan Shi Fu

XingQing District HuBin West Street 78, Yinchuan China Chinese +86 951 604 3902

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3. Dian Wei GuoQiao MiXian

North 23 Yuhuangge Street, Yinchuan 750004 China Chinese, Yunnan +86 187 0957 7318

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2. YingBin Lou

XingQingQu JieFang XiJie 11Hao, Yinchuan China Chinese, Xinjiang +86 951 602 5950
YingBin Lou

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What to do and see in Yinchuan, China: The Best Places and Tips

1. XianHe Lou (YinChuan XinHua East Street)

XinHua DongJie 204Hao, Yinchuan China Chinese, Xinjiang Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +86 951 609 1844
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Where to Eat in Yinchuan: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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