Best Cafe food near Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

October 2, 2019 Karren Gelb

Discover Restaurants offering the best Cafe food in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan including Yamecha Cafe Bumbuku, Santa Cafe Bakery, Kazenomichi
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1. Yamecha Cafe Bumbuku

269-2 Toyobuku, Yame Fukuoka Prefecture Cafe +81 943-24-2000
Yamecha Cafe Bumbuku

Reviewed By Rito I A

After roaming Kurogi and the Reiganji Temple up the mountain, during a stormy day (many Fukuoka trains stopped running), I stopped by a quaint little tea shop, that also serves meals, that served mainly matcha products. The shop is situated near a garden, and had few customers when I came in. The cafe stands in the middle of nowhere; not a lot of commercial or residential establishments. We ordered matcha tea - the special Yame Tea reknowned for its savory tastte. In fact, Yame tea has been voted as Japan's best tea for 9 straight years. There was a tutorial on the Japanese tea ceremony which was very interesting. During this, I got to hear about temperatures of hot water perfect for tea drinking;,emulsions, etc. My friend ordered matcha-flavored chiffon cake, matcha ice cream, etc. The shop also sells tea bags, art works as postcards, cute ceramics, dolls, etc. The place is mostly affordable, like 430 yen for a matcha ice cream, etc. If you want a zen atmosphere, this is a great place for a relaxing afternoon tea. They also serve meals.

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2. Santa Cafe Bakery

729-1 Oaza Kamahara, Yame Fukuoka Prefecture Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +81 943-25-3030
Santa Cafe Bakery

Reviewed By takayuki t

隆勝堂八女本店の敷地内にあるベーカリーです。米国ニューメキシコ州サンタフェはアドービ建築で有名ですが、そのアドービ建築風の店構えがウリ。 先日家人同伴で初来店し、メロンパン、塩バターロール、たまごサンド(それぞれ1品ずつで合計486円)を持ち帰りました。せっかくなので、無料カフェも初体験。パティオ付きのなかなかお洒落な空間で、サンタフェの写真が多数飾られていました。珈琲はもちろん無料。持ち帰った3品のうち、たまごサンドは旨い&安いのオススメ商品です。しかも(恐らくはのレベルですが)店舗限定。 その他の情報です。隆勝堂本店とベーカリーは県道15号と県道442号が交わる角地にありますが、両店とも両道からアクセス可能。ただし、両店とも玄関は県道15号側にあります。

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3. Kazenomichi

1 Tachibana-Cho Yamazaki 2046, Yame 834-0081 Fukuoka Prefecture Cafe +81 943-24-9288

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