Best Asian food near Oral, West Kazakhstan Province, Kazakhstan

September 4, 2019 Vivienne Hutton

Find out what Asian restaurants to try in Oral including Melnitsa, Bambuk, Eldivino Lounge Bar, Bibigul, TIPA GRAF Lounge&Coffee Room
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1. Melnitsa

Mukhita St., 78/2, Oral Kazakhstan Italian, Latin, European, Asian, Dutch, Bar, Spanish Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +7 711 226 7377
Overall Ratings

4 based on 23 reviews


Reviewed By Александр И

a good selection of European dishes. freshly brewed beer. service is good, the cooks are attentive to individual needs. prepare quick and tasty. Prices at such establishments. I would like to mention large portions. I recommend as a place to meet with friends. are sports events on TV.

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2. Bambuk

Yevraziya Ave., 190, Oral 090001 Kazakhstan Southwestern, Asian +7 711 230 0030

Lounge Cafe Бамбук - a unique cafe located in the center of Uralsk. The restaurant menu offers dishes of Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, India and Thailand. Lounge Cafe Bamboo - a harmony of Asian and modern style.

Reviewed By sitakuha

Были там вдвоём с женой. Молодёжно-романтическое место. Обслуживание шикарное, я бы даже сказал индивидуальное. Обстановка со вкусом в японском стиле. Дизайнер был явно на высоте. Меню не очень в плане выбора, есть такое. И мест маловато, буквально на несколько человек. Но Бамбук и позиционирует себя как именно небольшой, уютный ресторанчик. Поэтому за это и оцениваем.

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3. Eldivino Lounge Bar

Saraishyk St/. 40, Oral Kazakhstan Japanese, Steakhouse, Asian, Healthy, Russian +7 747 250 5500
Eldivino Lounge Bar

Reviewed By Madgrad96

I was in Uralsk with a number of people on business, and this restaurant was recommended to us by one of our local contacts. Five of us went for lunch on Saturday afternoon and got there around 3 pm - not an unusual time to have lunch. The Terrace restaurant was on the fourth floor of the complex. It was a beautifully designed space, light and airy, with large skylights and mirrored walls to make it look larger. There were also mossy living walls, and some of the light shades were terrariums. The menu was quite interesting and was available in English. Two of the group ordered tagliatelle, the rest of us ordered grilled meat - I decided on a "pork steak" with mixed vegetables and potatoes. Our drinks arrived promptly and we engaged in small talk until the food arrived. Unfortunately that was where the experience went sideways. The food was not served until an HOUR after we ordered - during this time we were basically left alone, with no one asking if we would like more drinks or anything like that. We were "entertained" by very loud techno dance music, which got quite tiring after a while. After waiting half an hour we asked the waitress what was happening, and were told that there was a problem in the kitchen but the food would arrive "soon". When the food finally arrived it came to mixed reviews. My pork steak (a very large pork chop) was beautifully presented, perfectly cooked, and delicious. The other meat dishes were also well received. However, the tagliatelle was disappointing, overcooked and not very tasty - the two people who ordered it left at least half (this is why the "Average" rating for food). The food was also quite expensive (by Uralsk standards), which made the experience more disappointing. In short, if you go order a meat dish, and be prepared to wait a long time for your food.

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4. Bibigul

Kurmangazy st., 81/1, Oral Kazakhstan Italian, Chinese, Japanese, European, Asian [email protected] +7 778 545 5059

Reviewed By 866NicolaM

Ho scelto questo ristorante perché suggerito da un collega Kazako.Non mi potevo aspettare niente di meglio.Il locale produce birra: 4 tipi tra Ale e PorterIo ho scelto un piatto di frattaglie e agnello.Porzione abbondante e di ottima qualità.Ovviamente questo tipo di pietanza deve piacere, altrimenti è meglio desistere.Raccomando questo locale.Prezzi molto economici: in 6 abbiamo speso circa 60€. A Roma si spendono in due in una birreria

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5. TIPA GRAF Lounge&Coffee Room

Dostyk-Druzhby, 177, Oral 090000 Kazakhstan European, Asian [email protected] +7 776 925 0707
TIPA GRAF Lounge&Coffee Room

Lounge bar&coffee room

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