Best Asian food near Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

September 2, 2019 Terina Blouin

Reviews on Asian food in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan including Ichiran Osaka Ibaraki, Ramen Uroko Ibaraki, Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Teppei, Marugen Ramen Ibaraki, Ibaraki Kinsei, Asia no Shokudo Mubarake, Dohtonbori Kamukura Ibaraki
Things to do in Ibaraki

7. Dohtonbori Kamukura Ibaraki

8-30 Matsugamotocho Aeon Mall Ibaraki 1F Food Court, Ibaraki 567-0033 Osaka Prefecture Asian +81 72-645-3790
Overall Ratings

3 based on 8 reviews

Dohtonbori Kamukura Ibaraki

Reviewed By toraveru


6. Asia no Shokudo Mubarake

5-20 Nishichujocho 1F Garubo Ibaraki, Ibaraki 567-0887 Osaka Prefecture Filipino, Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +81 72-622-1238
Asia no Shokudo Mubarake

Reviewed By JavanavaTravelcafe

Highly recommend someone who is looking for Southeast Asia food. I ate Nasi goreng lunch set. Tea, salad, main food and dessert are included in set.Location : 3 minutes walk from JR Ibaraki station which is 20 minutes train from Osaka station.Food : Delicious foods which is cooked by a Japanese man who knows Southeast Asia a lot. Open and Close : Every thursday close.

5. Ibaraki Kinsei

4-22 Betsuincho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture Asian Lunch, Dinner +81 72-646-5122
Ibaraki Kinsei

Reviewed By FellowTraveler806459


4. Marugen Ramen Ibaraki

5-18 Hatakedacho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture Asian +81 72-645-2929
Overall Ratings

4 based on 10 reviews

Marugen Ramen Ibaraki

Reviewed By sasasanosasasa


3. Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Teppei

4-18-39 Kori, Ibaraki 567-0072 Osaka Prefecture Asian +81 72-643-8030
Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Teppei

Reviewed By joey931213


Top 10 restaurants in Ibaraki, Japan

2. Ramen Uroko Ibaraki

10-19 Eidaicho 1f, Ibaraki 567-0816 Osaka Prefecture Asian Lunch, Dinner +81 72-665-8807
Overall Ratings

4 based on 17 reviews

Ramen Uroko Ibaraki

Reviewed By sasasanosasasa


Top 10 Things to do in Ibaraki, Japan

1. Ichiran Osaka Ibaraki

1-1-3 Shimizu, Ibaraki 567-0059 Osaka Prefecture Asian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Cash Only +81 72-643-1213
Overall Ratings

4 based on 25 reviews

Ichiran Osaka Ibaraki

Reviewed By sharonsoon

There are several branches of this chain and we went to an Osaka branch. The queue was crazy at the main branch near the bridge. Thankfully we were directed to the smaller new branch few streets away. We waited for around 15 mins and were 'greeted' by self service ticket vending machines. There is absolutely no service but plenty of people willing to wait patiently for their ramen. I really wonder what is the fuss? Perhaps its the novelty of customising your food? Almost every item is an optional one. Just for the touristy experience but another disappointment in terms of food quality.

Top 10 Japanese food in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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