5 Museums in Vitanje That You Shouldn't Miss

May 22, 2022 Jeremy Dunfee

Discover the best top things to do in Vitanje, Slovenia including Center Noordung, Beskovnik's Granary, Villa Svitanje, Skaza Violin Studio, Brodej Ethnological Museum.

1. Center Noordung

Na vasi 18, Vitanje 3205 Slovenia +386 40 300 052 [email protected] http://www.center-noordung.si
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Center Noordung

The basic activity of the public institute Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung is the promotion of space technologies and the manifestation of human achievements in space with the interweaving of art and high technologies. The offer includes the development, installation and marketing of space content in the form of art exhibitions, exhibitions of items and multimedia interactive applications that we offer to the general public. Also, by connecting with and integrating into international connections, we ensure greater recognizability of Slovenian and international institutions in the field of space activities in all areas. Through the implementation of dedicated symposiums, we present and expand the significance of space exploration to the general public.

Reviewed By radovans587

Situated on country side, you find large building in form of space as was proposed by Hermann Potočnik in later 1920. Inside a guided tour of his life, and work and book that inspired also W. Braun. Lots of items to see, timeline of space race, small Moon rock and Galileo satellite and some Nani satellites. You can also observe Tesla exhibition. A must see for science buffs.

2. Beskovnik's Granary

Hudinja 18, Vitanje 3205 Slovenia +386 3 759 04 70 [email protected] http://www.rogla-pohorje.si/en/explore/18/the-beskovnik/'s-granary
Beskovnik's Granary

3. Villa Svitanje

Na vasi 6, Vitanje 3205 Slovenia http://www.rogla-pohorje.si/en/explore/2020082517221908/villa-svitanje
Villa Svitanje

4. Skaza Violin Studio

Spodnji Dolic 8, Vitanje 3205 Slovenia +386 41 434 775 http://www.rogla-pohorje.si/en/explore/2019091210082710/the-skaza-fiddle-studio
Skaza Violin Studio

5. Brodej Ethnological Museum

Brezen 55, Vitanje 3205 Slovenia +386 3 577 54 98 http://www.rogla-pohorje.si/en/explore/2019091908223928
Brodej Ethnological Museum

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